What are Topping and Crown Reduction Pruning?

Tree Crowning Topping is used only when removing an unwanted tree. It should never be used as a primary pruning practice for reducing the height or spread of a tree. “Heading” is the method used to reduce the trunk or branches of a tree to stubs, or for the removal of smaller lateral branches which […]

Stump Removal Methods

by Dr. Kim D. Coder, School of Forest Resources University of Georgia June 2003 Decisions, Decisions Stumps can be eliminated from the landscape in a number of ways. A major decision point is whether to completely extract and remove the stump, or leave some portion or all of the stump in-place in the soil. One […]

How to Grow & Keep Healthy Trees

Contrary to the popular misconception,¬†insects and microorganisms are not typically the cause of most tree problems.¬†They may be secondary agents that attack weakened, wounded, improperly treated, and neglected trees, but the real culprit is less obvious. The real problem with unsightly trees and shrubs is poor treatment from humans. Once that is understood, there are […]