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Acorn’s History

With over 20 years experience in tree care, Carl Koepp started Acorn Tree & Stump Services in 2001 to address the needs of the greater Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas and western Washington communities. Carl worked as a conscientious logger in his early career and developed his love of nature and desire to preserve our natural resources as a result. With Carl’s guidance, Acorn Tree & Stump Services has grown into a trust-worthy resource for home owners and businesses who are concerned with the health of their trees and shrubs. As an example, Acorn will never use metal cabling or drill holes in trees to attach hardware for various purposes, because that may cause irreparable damage to the tree and promote rot or allow insect infestation. Acorn’s philosophy is to consider the safety of workers and property first, and secondly to promote healthy (green) practices for the health and maintenance, or removal, of trees and shrubs. In addition, Acorn Tree & Stump Services has trained personnel who know the limitations imposed by state regulatory offices and adheres to forestry, water resource or estuary restrictions, so you’ll always get sound advice for removal or maintenance of your property’s greatest asset: healthy trees and shrubs.

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Consultation & Problem Diagnostics

We have contracted arborists to accurately diagnose your situation, if needed. Our highly trained consultation typically includes the consideration of environmental regulations, such as forestry restrictions, water resource applications and site engineering.

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As good stewards of our environment, we are proud supporters of several forestry and arborists organizations. Caring for your valuable land assets is our main objective and we work hard to keep abreast of the latest in environmental regulation and objectives.

Acorn Tree & Stump Services supports racial, gender, sexual and economic equality in the workplace and our communities.