Stump Griding


Acorn Tree & Stump Services can remove unsightly stumps from your property quickly and inexpensively. Stump grinding removes material down to 6 to 10 inches below grade making it optimal to then backfill and put topsoil over the area for replanting grass or other shallow-root plants. We also grind out stumps for those who plan to have concrete driveways and sidewalks installed. The second method is to totally remove the stump, roots and all, using an excavator. This gives a quick solution for replanting of deep-root vegetation, such as trees, or allows you to lay a pad or foundation for the building of structures.

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In order to give you the most accurate estimate we do need to make a visual inspection of your landscape. Our estimator will happily meet you at the property to go over your estimate in person, and e-mail or fax the estimate to you. A 24-hour window is appreciated for all estimates, if possible. Once you receive your estimate please call the office to schedule our experts to begin the beautification of your landscape.


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Stump grinding is a very effective way to remove unsightly stumps from your property. Our skilled staff always protects surrounding buildings, plants and creatures by erecting a guard around the entire site.The grinding process can take several hours and will produce approximately three-times the mass in the form of wood chips. These chips can be used as ground cover, or between plants to help prevent. weed takeover, or may be used in barns as bedding.


Stumps can also be removed with excavators. This is a more radical method requiring fairly large spaces, but it can be done very quickly.